Trax Burgers and Bar

Trax Burgers and Bar is a new restaurant connected to The Fillmore in Minneapolis. We stopped in for Restaurant Week on Sunday where they offered great lunch specials. Read more to see what we thought. 
Drunk Chicken
Crispy fried chicken breast, bourbon butter, coleslaw, bread & butter pickles, Buffalo aioli
While there are several toppings to give this sandwich flavor, my suggestion would be to actually season the chicken itself. When the chicken is tried alone it is tasteless. I was not a major fan of the aioli and took off the half of the  bun that had it on there. The chicken was cooked to perfection and very juicy.
Trax Burger
Brisket & short rib blend double patty, American cheese, little gem lettuce, tomato, red onion, IPA mustard aioli, Nueske’s bacon ketchup, bread & butter pickles
This was also a juicy sandwich that lacked  flavor. We were once again not fans of the aioli. Crazy! We really like aiolis. 
Mac ‘N Cheese Crunch
Fried mac ‘n cheese, triple cheese mornay, San Marzanoragu, green onion, Parmesan cheese
I didn’t like this at first. The outside seemed overcooked and the macaroni inside lacked flavor. It slightly grew on me the more I ate it. 
I know this is a new restaurant. I am hoping that as time goes on they improve. A little seasoning while cooking goes a long way. Also, give  us the option to upgrade to fries instead of potato chips. You guessed it. Those were also lacking flavor. 
Trax is in a beautiful space that will be even better once the weather warms up. I am sure they will start getting busy as more events happen at The Fillmore.  I am curious to know how their desserts are. I would go back and try them. 

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