Doughp Creations Review

We are so thankful for the connections that we make. We recently found out about a brand called Doughp Creations. This is a local company that makes breads and jewelry. The owner, Michele, describes herself as a hip hop loving Midwestern girl that left Corporate culture to settle in a small town and create her own culture. Doughp is pronounced “DOPE.” That alone was enough to win us over, but then we tried her breads. 

Michele’s breads are an amazing creation with the perfect blend of spices. The savory bread was some of the best bread we have had. We used the slices to
make various sandwiches. Each time the savory flavor paired well with the combinations we created. The banana bread was also a hit in our house. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and moisture. 

When making the bread, Michele grows the herbs herself and pairs them with grains that she stone mills into flour. 

The best thing about Doughp Creations is if there is a flavor you want that is not listed you can create your own. The customer can play “Mix-Master and can choose from a sweet, spicy, or savory style and then tweak the recipe to their preference.  

As if the bread was not enough, Michele also makes bracelets. She creates each one on a handmade wooden loom.

For more information on this company please visit

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