Returning the support! Guavas Cuban Cafe

When George Floyd was brutally murdered we immediately said that we were no longer going to patronize businesses that didn’t support us and people who looked like us. The next day Guavas Cuban Cafe bravely called out the injustice and told MPD their discount would stop immediately and go to the real heroes, healthcare workers. They didn’t wait to jump on a bandwagon. They did it immediately. Today we supported Guavas and I’m happy to say the food was good. Pictured is the Chicharron De Pollo. Check them out and don’t forget the plantains.

Here are a few other businesses that immediately showed support before it was popular to do so. 
Soul Bowl
Cookie Cart
Dollar & Up 
Geek Love Cafe 
Gandhi Mahal (closed currently)
Sebastian Joes
Spinning Wylde
Cook St Paul 
Mississippi Market 
Indeed Brewing 
Uptown Curl

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