Move over peanut butter. There is a new nut butter in town.

With flavors like Sundried Basil, Turmeric Maple, and Truffle Herb you would be sure you are trying some form of dip or hummus. Nope. Those are the flavors of a nut butter. The company who produces these savory flavors is Humble Nut Butter.

Humble Nut Butter is a local business bringing you a vegan treat for your veggies, wraps, or crackers. It is sold on Amazon as well as at all Whole Foods locations in the Twin Cities. 

We were a little skeptical of how these nut butters would taste because we have only had sweet flavors in the past. We were surprised at how much we did like them. Anton and I could not come to a consensus when ranking the flavors. My top two were Turmeric Maple and Truffle Herb. Anton’s top two were Sundried Basil and Truffle Herb. The turmeric flavor reminded me of curry. I think it would be perfect on pancakes. It has the perfect amount of kick. Anton thinks the Sundried Basil could easily replace any hummus he has had. He thinks it would be best on crackers or a wrap sandwich. 

Now that you heard our thoughts we would encourage you to support this Woman-owned business. If our review is not enough just remember that this company is vegan, gluten free and made with organic  ingredients. 

The lesson of the week is to continue to try new things. We have always been adventurous when it comes to food and we are happy this product did not disappoint. For more information please go to Humble Nut Butter Website  

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