Secret locations and step children? What have we been up to?

It feels good to have the chance to go out occasionally. Things will never quite be the same post COVID-19, but we are thankful for the little things like a quick meet up with friends, some food on the patio, and maybe a drink or two.

Anton has a thing for speakeasies so when a friend told us about a new one in Brooklyn Park we decided we should stop in. A small group of us went to Skaalvenn Distillery. If you did not know it was there you would not know it was there. That’s the point of a speakeasy right? It is located in an office building with not much around it.

Once you enter you will see signs assuring you that you are in the right place and to keep going, but you’ll still be leery. When we finally entered the distillery we immediately loved the vibe. Low lights, old school music, and mini lounges with TVs showing the Simpsons or other classics. It’s all in the details for this place. Your final bill even comes out in a classic cd case.

The mixed drinks are priced at $14 and up. The favorite for the group was the San Lucas. It’s the classic spin of sweet and spicy featuring rum, mango, lime, and spicy chamoy dippn dots served as a slushy. We also tried the Rodney Melon, Field Horse, Almond Palmer and a few nonalcoholic beverages. Whether you like vodka, rum, or bourbon, you are sure to find a creative drink you’ll enjoy at Skaalvenn. Make your reservations at

Now that you know about a place for drinks we have to tell you about a place for food. We found ourselves enjoying brunch on the patio of Step Chld last weekend. Everybody has been talking about this new restaurant, but we like to let things die down a bit before we try them. It was worth the wait. The Real Deal Holyfield sandwich is the real deal! Those soft eggs wrapped in Cooper’s American Cheese made that sandwich something to go back for. Let’s not forget about the wild rice pancakes. Trust us when we say they are so much better than what the menu describes. We also had the Bless this Mess meal, but it cannot be described in the same way as the Holyfield sandwich. The best part was the amazing service. Our server did not miss a beat. There was never an empty glass or time to request anything. He was attentive and had a great personality. Next time we will try the dinner menu. Thank you Step Child. You did not disappoint.

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