Anton’s Favorites – March Edition

Welcome to the first month of Anton’s Favorites. This is a chance for me to share some of my go to places with you on a monthly basis. First up is Brunson’s Pub in St Paul, MN. It’s the perfect time to talk about Brunson’s as they just celebrated their 4 year anniversary. This isContinue reading “Anton’s Favorites – March Edition”

Black History Month Business Spotlight

Let us introduce you to the owner of Natural Me, Eva Garrett. Here is what Eva said about her business. Natural Me focuses on natural Self-Care. We use many of the plants and herbs that are provided by mother nature to create wonderful products that cleanse, nurture and heal. Our products are handcrafted by aContinue reading “Black History Month Business Spotlight”

Judas and the Black Messiah review and upcoming events

On the first day of Black History Month we had the pleasure of attending an advanced screening of the movie Judas and the Black Messiah as a part of the Sundance Film Festival. This is a real life depiction of the story of Fred Hampton and The Black Panther Party. This movie stars the incredibleContinue reading “Judas and the Black Messiah review and upcoming events”

Safe Activities and Self Care

Hi friends. We haven’t done as much posting on social media as we normally do. We miss your interactions. These past few weeks have been tough. Dealing with the dreaded pandemic and all it brings as well as other stressors has caused us to step back some. Don’t worry we are still out here supportingContinue reading “Safe Activities and Self Care”

A much needed day off!

Last Wednesday was a bit of an adventure. A friend and I went to Bachman’s, had lunch, and had a delicious dessert treat. MNBloggerBash provided an amazing opportunity to explore Bachman’s “Holiday-Ideas and Inspiration for the Home.” Bachman’s is always a beautiful place to explore, but it is has a special type of beauty duringContinue reading “A much needed day off!”

Just Turkey, Soul Bowl & Adam’s Soul to Go

Hey friends! It’s been awhile and we have some great food places to tell you about. These restaurants are all Black Owned and two of them are new. Just Turkey is located in South Minneapolis near George Floyd Square. They have not been in business for long, but they are quickly making a name forContinue reading “Just Turkey, Soul Bowl & Adam’s Soul to Go”