Our Time Spent in Puerto Rico

I’m a planner. It’s part of having anxiety, but I wanted a trip to just BE. This was that trip for me. I spent 5 days in Puerto Rico with my young adult daughter. We spent each day on the beach with no real expectations. Here are some of the highlights: Condado Beach- We wentContinue reading “Our Time Spent in Puerto Rico”

Fall is here! Here is our list of fall activities to try.

I know we have said it plenty of times, but fall really is the best season. In Minnesota it may be a quick transition between summer and winter. That is all the reason you need to get out and enjoy it while you can. The change in temperature brings a new list of activities toContinue reading “Fall is here! Here is our list of fall activities to try.”

Anton’s Favorites- May Edition

This edition of Anton’s favorites is brought to you by J.D. Hoyt’s. Overall the food is good, but let me tell you about these pig wings. I’m not sure what piece of the pig it is, but it’s delicious and hands down my favorite thing on the menu. The meat is tender and well seasoned.Continue reading “Anton’s Favorites- May Edition”

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