We Got Souled

Today’s trip brought us to Corner Stone Cafe. They are home of the infamous Soul Rolls. They are located in N. Mpls off Glenwood. Most people talk about their soul rolls and amazing kool-aid.

We came in and were greeted by friendly staff, a few loud customers, and a fruit and salad display that looked amazing. My friend and I settled on the platter that included 3 chicken wings, a waffle, and a soul roll for $14.99. I selected the 9am roll filled with eggs, turkey sausage, and unbeknownst to me jalapeño or a spicy pepper (I would have declined that). My friend got the Nanny filled with chicken, mac and cheese, and greens.

Overall I would give the experience 3 out of 5 stars. The waffle had a savory taste which I wasn’t sure if I liked or not. While the chicken wings were small, they were packed with tasty seasonings. The soul roll itself was different and worth a try, but unfortunately not something I would go back for. If I ever stop in again it will be for the yummy looking salad.

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