Breakfast at French Meadow

Our family tradition is to go out and have a great Sunday breakfast whenever we can. We love trying new restaurants, but we have a few favorites. This week we tried French Meadow Cafe in South Mpls. Anton had ate here before, but I never did.

Let me start off by saying this an organic restaurant in a great location. The restaurant has a rustic vibe that I loved.

I ordered the Cajun hashbrowns and added one egg and chicken chorizo. Yum! I love a place that can give me a breakfast meat option since I don’t eat pork. Anton got the sourdough French toast AND the burrito. He pretty much always gets French toast for us to share and a main dish. We both loved our dishes. My hashbrowns had just enough Cajun spice and the chorizo was a great addition. The sourdough French toast we shared had a traditional sourdough taste allowing a sour but sweet taste in each bite. The burrito was also very good. It had a delicious veggie chili on top. This place gets two thumbs up from us. We will definitely be back.

PS – Ke wasn’t along for this breakfast adventure


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