Red Rabbit Dinner for Three

On Saturday night the family went to dinner at Red Rabbit in St. Paul. They have the same owners as the infamous burger restaurant, Red Cow.  The kiddo had been wanting to try this place since the beginning of the summer.
When we arrived It was packed and there was no parking. This is typical for a Grand Ave restaurant on a Saturday night. We put our name on a list and we were told the wait time would be 30-40 minutes. We waited about 20 before they were ready to seat us. The restaurant had a nice vibe and a booming patio. There was a dog outside at one of the tables so I’m assuming the patio is dog friendly.  Hubby was happy they served Lift Bridge Root Beer. This is a local root beer made in Stillwater. For a family who doesn’t drink much pop the occasional fizzy beverage makes us happy.  
For dinner I ordered a mushroom pizza. The kid ordered Alfredo with no meat, and hubby ordered the Chicken Parmesan. I loved my pizza. It was cooked to perfection. The cheese had a great flavor and the mushrooms were fresh and juicy. Hubby enjoyed his Chicken Parmesan. He got it with the side of spaghetti. He assumed the spaghetti came with it since the server asked what side he wanted,
but surprise it was an extra $5. He wasn’t bothered because for $22 he got enough food for two meals. Unfortunately the kiddo didn’t like her meal. I decided to try the Alfredo to see what was wrong with it. It wasn’t nasty. The sauce had a great flavor. It was just boring. It reminded me of a toddler’s kids meal. It was simply sauce and noodles. There was no seasoning and no veggies for color. I decided to keep it and doctor it up at home.
We let her order a cheese pizza to go. Wrong choice! Her pizza was over cooked, had no red sauce and the cheese used wasn’t good. At this point we gave up on getting her something else. Overall the restaurant had good food and good service. I would probably go back, but my family wouldn’t join me.  
I doctored the Alfredo up the next day by adding shrimp, broccoli and some seasoning. That helped tremendously. The kiddo even shared it with me.

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