Golden Valley Hot Spot

Lat 14 Asian Eatery just celebrated being open for one year. Congratulations to them. I am sure they will be open for many years to come. This hot spot in Golden Valley gives you the perfect combo of food and drinks. The Asian Eatery is open for lunch and dinner service. They get busy! I would suggest making a reservation if possible. 
When I went for dinner on Friday we sat at a communal style table. Imagine a picnic bench or cafeteria table. Our table counterparts were friendly and offered food suggestions. If you are on a date this might not be the best option, but I was there with a few fiends. I’m always down to try something unique so I had a Mango Nada to drink.  The drink consisted  of Rum, Mango, Habanero, Citrus, and Spices. It definitely was spicy, but the flavors went well together. My friend had a Dangerous Paradise and enjoyed that as well. 
For dinner we ordered the crab wontons. These were good, but somewhat spendy. You get three wontons for $10. We also had the Bacon Pineapple Fried Rice and Drunken Noodles. Caution! The Drunken Noodles were extremely hot. Luckily I can handle spice. Both dishes were good. 
They did not give us a dessert menu. They said it is verbal menu. Of course I do not remember the name of what I had, but it was good. It was a lotus shaped black seed cookie. It came with coconut ice cream, bananas and pineapples. Actually, it wasn’t good. It was uniquely amazing.
This place has good vibes and I would definitely recommend it. 

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