Adult Tea Party

Last weekend we had our yearly holiday party at Mad Hatter Restaurant & Tea House in Anoka. It was a fun experience. 
They have a wide variety of tea selections with great combinations of flavors. The tea bags come out with a timer so you know exactly how long to steep it. You can even reuse the bag to get a 2nd cup. The mimosas also had a variety of flavors ranging from elderflower to ginger. 
The brunch menu is the perfect example of simple with a twist. The chicken and waffles were accompanied by a salad with candied pecans. The crab cakes came on a tweedle puff. I had no idea of what a tweedle puff was. It’s a pastry puff with a croissant type texture. It’s good! They even had my favorite fall item… pumpkin! The pumpkin stuffed French toast was good,  but I wanted more pumpkin. 
This place was about more than just the food. The atmosphere was different. The restaurant is located in a historic house along a river. They only offer a brunch service and a tea service. I would love to go back earlier in the day and try the tea service and explore the grounds. 
Special thanks to our server. Janelle was very attentive and friendly. 

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