Ruined Birthday Dinner

We went to Wildfire for my birthday dinner and I was thoroughly disappointed. We were a large party with a reservation that was seated in a very tight place with little room for movement. The space was so close we couldn’t sit back without fear of bumping the person behind at the next table. We asked to be moved and that’s  where things went wrong. We went from a friendly and enthusiastic server to a dry sever who seems irritated about the large party. We ordered drinks and that was the one highlight of the evening. The martini flight was amazing. I loved the flavors, the presentation and price point.

Dinner was less than spectacular. Approximately half of the party enjoyed their dinner. We quickly learned that seafood is definitely not a specialty. The scallops that were supposed to baked were charred. The other fish dish ordered was extremely dry and overcooked. The fries were cold and so was the double cheese baked potato. It was so bad that those of us who ordered seafood decided not to try anything else. I was given a birthday dessert on the house. However, we never got the chance to order dessert. They didn’t even bring the dessert tray over to us. I had to leave my own birthday dinner hungry and disappointed.

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