Our top activities for a weekend with the ladies!

We work hard. We take care of our families. We deal with daily life struggles. Time to hang out with our girlfriends is crucial. You deserve some fun!

Here is a list of our top weekend activities with the ladies. 

  1. Brunch or dinner! Treat yourself to an amazing brunch or dinner. There are several great options, but some of our favorites are Nightingale, Lat 45, Handsome Hog, Victor’s, and JD Hoyts. 
  2. Movies! We absolutely love getting together and going to movies. Our favorite theaters to go to are CMX at Mall of America and Showplace Icon.
  3. Plays! Think outside of the box and go see a play at Penumbra or Guthrie. You won’t be disappointed.
  4. Sleepover! You are never too old for a sleepover. Pick your favorite hotel or if you want a different view drive up to Beacon Pointe in Duluth. 
  5. Get active! Go skating at Rollergardens. Try Nerfwars at Tactical Urban Combat or  go for a ladies night at Skyzone.
  6. Get pampered! Spend a day getting a massage at Escape to Paradise, LLC or facials and other services at Just for Me Spa. 

So what’s yours favorite way to enjoy a ladies day? 

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