Self Care 101

I never had to worry about my skin too much, but as I’m getting older I’m noticing my face needs more pampering. I’ve got a combination of oily and dry skin with the occasional breakout, a few dark spots, and uneven complexion. Last year I was introduced to a local brand called Santosha at a health and wellness expo. I loved what the brand stood for and decided to try it. I’m frugal so spending more than a few dollars on products was hard for me. I tried the product and immediately liked how soft and moisturized my skin felt. I continued using the products and my skin flourished. However, once I ran out I never purchased the full line again. It’s time to get back to treating myself right. Im happy to restart my journey with Santosha in hopes that I can get this face together.
Here’s some information about Santosha
Our full skin care line is designed to provide a daily dose of antioxidants, vitamins, nutrients, and nourishment for your complexion. Each product is developed to balance and reset your skin to a healthy, youthful and radiant state. When used together, our products are compatible with almost all skin types. Formulated with aloe, balsam fir, rosemary and green tea extract to deliver powerful antioxidants that firm the skin while replenishing essential hydration. 
Get started on your green beauty journey and use my special code to get 10% off – FamilyFinds10

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