Winner Winner Chicken Dinner- Nashville Coop Review

Listen! I have been stalking the social media for Nashville Coop since I found out about them. I saw their truck in my neighborhood, but it was always after I had ate or I already had dinner plans. This week I made a plan to get me some chicken! Today was the day!

I love that they have two trucks. There is typically one in the Minneapolis area and one near St. Paul. We found the St. Paul truck on Grand Ave. Surprisingly there was not a long line today. They have three different options for meals and we got one for each of us. 

1. Chicken strip meal

2. Chicken sandwich on a buttered bun

3. Chicken sandwich on Texas toast

There are also levels of spice from mild to HOT. We choose the coop which is the medium spice level.

So how was it? It was GOOD! The chicken has flavor. The outside is crispy, but the inside is still juicy. The portion sizes were big compared to other food trucks for the same price point. We even have leftovers! The Coop sauce served on the side reminds me of Raising Cane’s, but with a different twist. I am so happy I got to try it and I will definitely try it again soon.

For more information head to their website

Nashville Coop Website

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