Women be shopping…..and men too!

With Covid-19 keeping everything shut down what else is there to do other than shop and eat? Yes, you might be doing more productive things, but we like to shop and eat. We wanted to share a few of our recent purchases with you in hopes that you will check out some of these brands. 
Here is what we have been buying

1. Turmeric under arm detox The Glamourpuss Collection
2. A ton of sea salts and spices Herbanfarm
3. True washing detergent True Products
4. Stylish T-shirts Flyrobotics Limited
5. Black Girl Sunscreen…yes that’s the name Black Girl Sunscreen
6. Blanket Syrup Blanket Syrup
7. Face Masks Diyanu
9. Pancake mix Rosella
10. Artwork Pardon My Fro

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