Lamina Aesthetics Review

 I had the pleasure of meeting Tisha last year when she worked for a different company. She has now branched out and started her own company, Lamina Aesthetics. Lamina Aesthetics is open in Minnetonka, MN. It is a beautiful space filled with relaxing décor, a fireplace and music. This along with Tisha’s calm demeanor make for a great escape, even if only for an hour. 
Tisha offers a variety of services ranging from teeth whitening and facials to body contouring treatments. I tried dermaplaning. It can seem scary, because your skin is being scraped with a blade/scalpel. However, Tisha did an excellent job of explaining the procedure and kept me informed throughout the process. This was imperative for a newbie like myself. She gave me aftercare instructions to make sure there were no issues with my skin. I left feeling smooth and with a noticeably brighter and less hairy face. 

I am excited to go back to visit her and try new services. If you are interested in her services be sure to follow her on Instagram or visit her Website. Be sure to tell her that Bobbie from FamilyFindsMN sent you when booking your appointment.

This is an image from all the hair and junk that came from my face.

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