Let us introduce you to Push Strategist

What is your business and where is it located?


    Push Strategist LLC is a consulting firm located in Minneapolis, MN. With covid limitations we can support you virtually at this time or with safe methods in person. 


What made you start your business?

    I discovered who I am, what my purpose was. You have to develop that understanding in order to be successful in business or anything else. Your confidence and clarity on your purpose is what can sets you apart because you are your brand. I opened my first business in my early 20s, I was in NY and had two shops. I was on my 2nd clothing line and was working on training several start-ups who hosted their products in both stores.  During that time, I learned so much. I didn’t even realize I was doing business coaching! It came with ease to help and guide others from what I learned. There were many wins on my journey, but also some losses. I consider both a blessing because they taught me so much! I developed a gift of strategy through those experiences which I use with my clients today.  Several years down the line, I fell into recruiting. That fall was destined from God. Through recruiting, I discovered another joy which was encouraging people.  I was able to meet many great individuals from around the world. I assisted them with getting into their dream careers through employment visa sponsorship in addition to providing them with training and development on workplace readiness. Being a first-gen Liberian/Nigerian American, I understood the difficulty of getting a seat at the table for minorities especially those of African Descent. I decided to take my two callings to business and helping people become their best selves and put them together. now push people to their purpose in business, career and beyond through creating Push Strategist LLC

How long have you been operating?


Our official launch to the world was June of 2020! 


What service do you offer?


• Personal Development  & Business Coaching for various levels of professionals, or businesses.
• With experience in Workforce Inclusion Strategies for Foreign Nationals and Immigrants, we guide on steps to become eligible for U.S Employment Sponsorship and partner with employers to train on diverse recruitment  practices through sponsorship.
• We offer group courses via webinar or one-on-one coaching/consulting options.


Please share your social media handles




Twitter- @pushstrategist

YouTube -Push Strategist, LLC 

What makes your service/product different from others?


    What differentiates us from competition is the personal development aspect. We understand success starts from the inside out. By providing various personal development tools we help our clients gain clarity who they are and what their goals are. From there we offer consulting in areas of career and business. 


How can we support you?

I am continuing to look for opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals and create a professional network in the Twin Cities. Because my services are niche, I have the potential to teach and train businesses on the benefits of foreign sponsorship. I am looking to first work on building a network. Thank you in advance for opening the doors and if anyone can create networking opportunities please let me know.  

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