Bachman’s Harvest Ideas Self-Guided Tour

If you are like me you picked up a new hobby or two since Shelter-in-place orders started in March. One of my new hobbies is being a plant mama. For someone who has always thought they had a black thumb I must admit I am impressed with how well my plants are doing. After my trip to Bachman’s, I am now up to fifteen plants. Impressive right? None of my previous plants were purchased at Bachman’s so I was excited to explore their store and find a few new plants. An added bonus was the opportunity to explore their self guided tour.

Thanks to MN Blogger Bash I was able to visit Bachman’s Harvest Ideas Self-Guided Tour today. This was the perfect event to end a tough week. The tour allows you to explore the latest home décor trends at your own pace while social distancing. Fall is coming and this tour screams fall! Along the tour you will find trendy front doors and beautifully styled vignettes in fall colors. Everything you see displayed is available for purchase and there are plenty of helpful employees ready to assist you. There were plenty of opportunities to find beautiful plants along the way. I loved that the plants were clearly labeled and positioned based off of the level of light that they need.

You do not have to be a Blogger to attend. This event is open to the public and will run through Sunday, October 4th. Tickets are required and are available for a low cost of $5. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Urban Ventures. For more information and to purchase your tickets please visit the link below.

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