Here’s why we still are not ready for fancy dinners…..

It took us over six months to work up the courage to go out for dinner in a restaurant. Six months! I know this may seem over the top to some, but we all have different levels of comfort. With the threat of Covid looming it just did not seem worth it to us. However, we decided we needed a date night.

We made reservations at RH Rooftop for a Friday night dinner to be accompanied by two other couples. We were excited. We soon found out that the rooftop is not really a rooftop. It’s on a higher level, but is enclosed by steel beams and glass. After this discovery one couple decided not to go. We should have did the same.

Despite knowing we would be in an enclosed space we still wanted to go. All the pictures we saw of others that went to this restaurant gave the appearance that everything would be spread out. Not to mention the views were stunning.

Surprise! The pictures lied. As soon as we got off the elevator the four of us all let out a little gasp. We were shocked by how many people we saw. It was not what we were expecting, but still we went to our table and sat down. Nobody had on a mask other than the servers. It did not matter if they were eating or not.

We quickly ordered our food and ate. The food was good. There is nothing I can complain about there. The service was fine. The views were indeed stunning. That did not do anything for our comfort level. We ate and left immediately after. There was no extra chatting. There was no cute picture taking. We all felt uneasy and were ready to go.

It is hard to believe that there was not an empty table to be seen. There was no type of social distancing. The next table was easily less than 6 feet away. Aren’t there rules to this?? I thought there were supposed to be extra precautions. Whatever Covid protocol is supposed to be followed didn’t happen on that Friday night. I am sure if it was a less popular place on a weeknight it would not have been so bad. However, we have decided that we are not ready to find out right now. For now our foodie adventures will consist of take out.

3 thoughts on “Here’s why we still are not ready for fancy dinners…..

  1. Bummer! We’ve been really lucky the few times we’ve went out to eat- Spoon & Stable has great precautions in place& Hai Hai- but I’m with you sticking to take out for now!


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