About last weekend

Last weekend was amazing. I want to give a special shout out to Rem5 in St Louis Park for making my first fully indoor activity in months feel safe and fun. I was leery especially after our dinner experience a few weeks ago. Refer to the previous blog post for the details on that.

Rem5vr did a great job of explaining their Covid precautions. All items for use including the controllers and headgear were thoroughly cleaned. They also supply each pod with cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer. One of the games we wanted to play was unavailable due to staff needing to be close to assist you getting off and on. Rem5vr was adequately spaced out. There was plenty of room for social distancing. There were only a few other people in there and everyone had on masks except when eating.

I was impressed with their appetizers. They were filling and surprisingly flavorful. We had an assortment that included flat bread pizza, boneless wings, macaroni bites and fries.

Another bonus was how helpful the staff was. It was a first time experience for all in our party. The staff had no problem coming over several times to help us get set up and answer any questions. They also gave suggestions on what virtual activities we should try based off our comfort level and what we were looking to do.

This was a really fun experience and a great birthday gathering for my friend. We will definitely bring the kids back to see how they enjoy it. Warning to all you parents- the virtual activities can be a workout depending on which one you try. Enjoy!

For more information head to https://www.rem5vr.com

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