Just Turkey, Soul Bowl & Adam’s Soul to Go

Hey friends! It’s been awhile and we have some great food places to tell you about. These restaurants are all Black Owned and two of them are new.

Just Turkey is located in South Minneapolis near George Floyd Square. They have not been in business for long, but they are quickly making a name for themselves. We heard great things about them so we decided to try a variety of goodies. We had the Turkey Tips, Fried Turkey Sandwich, Jerk Turkey Burger, and Chicago Style Polish. The house favorites were the Turkey Tips and the Polish. We cannot wait to go back and try the Italian Turkey Sandwich. The order to go process is seamless and their prices are very affordable.

Now let’s talk about Soul Bowl. We have tried Soul Bowl before, but never did a write up on them. This restaurant has been booming for awhile. They often host brunches and other events. They are located in Graze Provisions + Libations. Chef Gerald Klass is giving you soul food your way. You can select items from the menu or create your own bowl. Now that we have visited a few times I think we have our favorites. Anton enjoys the Southern Hospitality Bowl and Bobbie is a huge fan of the Big K.R.I.T Sandwich. The The best part is they now carry Cheesecake Funk cheesecake. I think ya”ll know how much we rave about Cheesecake Funk. Now we got the best of both worlds. Good food and great dessert.

The last restaurant we want to share with you is Adam’s Soul to Go. This is a brand new restaurant. They have only been in business for a few days. They took over the spot where Smack Shack was at Potluck in Rosedale Mall. The business may be new, but the owner is no rookie. He knows exactly what he is doing when it comes to cooking flavorful meat. Tonight we tried the Pulled Pork Sandwich, Jerk Chicken Sandwich, Greens, Chicken Alambre and Jalapeno Johnny Cake. Anton could not get enough of his juicy pulled pork sandwich. Bobbie demolished her jerk chicken sandwich. The smoked chicken and jerk seasonings were an amazing combination. We typically avoid going to restaurants when they first open due to some of the issues we have had, but we were impressed with Adam’s Soul to Go. They seem to have a handle on what it takes to be a great restaurant. We promise these pictures do not do justice.

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2020 Season Finale

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