A much needed day off!

Last Wednesday was a bit of an adventure. A friend and I went to Bachman’s, had lunch, and had a delicious dessert treat.

MNBloggerBash provided an amazing opportunity to explore Bachman’s “Holiday-Ideas and Inspiration for the Home.” Bachman’s is always a beautiful place to explore, but it is has a special type of beauty during the holiday season. This self guided event is filled with spruce tops, winter greens, decorative accents, and more.

There are over 10 stops along the tour. Each stop has a different display and theme. From outdoor firepits to indoor table settings, the tour had it all. My friend and I reminisced about the days of going to Macy’s Holiday Display. This was similar, but with plants! We found great gifts for ourselves as well as others. I even created an “it list” for gift inspiration. The unique ornaments and gnome décor immediately caught my eye and were added to that list.

For more information on the tour and to purchase tickets head over to https://www.bachmans.com/information/holiday-ideas-and-inspiration-for-the-home

After Bachman’s we grabbed lunch at Hazelwood in Bloomington, MN. Hazelwood was nothing short of impressive. They had a large menu filled with unique options. I settled on the shrimp deviled eggs because I always have to try something new. I also had the short rib burger, but substituted the patty for a turkey burger. Everything was seasoned to perfection. The flavors and varying textures paired well. I was impressed. My friends enjoyed their meals of macaroni bites, cowboy burgers, and rotisserie chicken sandwiches just as much as I did. It has been awhile since I have had food like this. I just may pick up a NYE meal to go from them. Thanks Hazelwood!

You have to end every great day with dessert, right? Well I did. We did some shopping in Apple Valley so it was only right to stop in and check out one of the hottest new cookie places around. Crumbl offers huge cookies in a variety of flavors. You are able to walk in and order your items at a kiosk. Shortly after you place your order your treats are ready for you. The cookie box of 4 is the best deal. You can choose any 4 flavors for about $11. The cookies are huge so at just under $3 they are definitely worth it. The Butterfinger and Oreo were our house favorites. The cookies remained fresh and full of flavor even after eating them 2 days later. I later found our that the cookie flavors change. This is all the more reason to go back and try something new.

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