Food to Bring in the New Year

We had a pretty chill New Year’s Eve. One of us may or may not have been sleep by 10:00 pm. However, a quick wake up allowed us to bring in the New Year together before falling back to sleep. We spent our evening watching movies and eating good.

We chose to try a new take out restaurant for dinner. DeGidio’s is a neighborhood Italian restaurant. You can never go wrong with pasta. My waistline may say otherwise, but you get the point.

The Chicken Parmesan and Linguine Bolognese were the choices for the evening. It is a good thing we ordered early because the place must have been crazy busy. Our wait time for NYE dinner was 172 minutes!! We knew places would be busy, but not that busy. After about 175 minutes we pulled in to curbside and they brought our order out. It took forever to be made, but the pick up process was easy enough.

Let’s dig in. The food was good. We had to add a sprinkle of salt to get the flavor where we needed it. The noodles were the perfect al dente. You can tell when a pasta is cooked correctly. It allows you to actually swirl it on the fork without it all falling off. Both sauces had a good flavor. The portions were decent for the price point. We would give this restaurant a second chance on a less busy night.

We hope you brought in your New Year safely and with those you love.

P.S. We are getting some events on the calendar for 2021. Safe and socially distant events of course. We hope to see you soon.

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