Black History Month Business Spotlight

Let us introduce you to the owner of Natural Me, Eva Garrett. Here is what Eva said about her business.

Natural Me focuses on natural Self-Care. We use many of the plants and herbs that are provided by mother nature to create wonderful products that cleanse, nurture and heal. Our products are handcrafted by a Certified Master Herbalist. We live by the motto Self-Care is the Best-Care and believe you should too.

Everything began with our love for growing food and searching for a more natural life style. We love growing vegetables, but once introduced to growing my own herbs and the power and healing that those herbs hold, I was hooked. I began treating my family and close friends’ ailments with herbs and natural remedies. Next I started seeking out other herbalists for information and guidance and determined that herbalism would be my next journey in life. I obtained my certification as a Master Herbalist in 2019 and decided I wanted to share my love for herbalism and natural remedies with as many people as I could. With the support of my husband and family Natural Me was established.

Natural Me has been operating since March of 2019. I offer a list of self care products including Yoni Steams, Yoni Soap, Yoni Oil, Body Butter, Sage, Abalone Shells, Bath Salts & Love Baths, Bath Bombs, Chakra Crystals, Elderberry Syrup, Fire Cider, Healing Salves and Tinctures.

What makes Natural Me stand out?  Our products are created with love by a certified Master Herbalist. We are everyday learning from and evolving with our community to be sure that we are providing the healing needed. We Believe true healing begins inside of each of us and its our goal to spread as much of it as possible
The truth is in the plants.

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