Our Return to Travel!

If there is one thing we constantly did, it was travel. We took family trips, friend trips, and couples trips. Anything to be able to get away every few months. That all came to an end during March 2020. Like many of you we had to find new things to explore and keep us occupied, but nothing compares to exploring a new state or country.

Our daughter decided she wanted to take a trip for her eighteenth birthday and we made it happen. She chose to go to Las Vegas. We have been to Las Vegas on several occasions, but this was her first time. The one thing about Las Vegas is that you are guaranteed to have a different experience each time you go depending on who you travel with. This trip was extra special because it was the first mother and daughter trip.

Highlights of the trip- We purchased the Las Vegas Explorer Pass with three activities. There are lots of ways to get ripped off in Vegas, but we found this pass to be beneficial because it was the same cost as two of our activities making our third activity free.

There were so many things that we enjoyed while we were there. Some of our favorite experiences included breakfast at Egg Slut. This casual dining location is located in The Cosmopolitan hotel. They have amazing breakfast sandwiches as well as hash browns. Do yourself a favor and try the Fairfax Sandwich. The restaurant does not have their own seating, but just a few feet away you can find several tables underneath an Alice and Wonderland themed design and egg shaped chairs nearby.

The Minus 5 Ice Bar was a fun experience. It was entertaining to see how cold they thought we would be. The temperature was a little chilly, but was nothing for a group of Minnesota ladies. They played good music and offered great drinks. Everyone has to experience playing tic tac toe on ice a minimum of one time in their life.

Another must see is Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. The wax museum is a trip down memory lane. You get to see and pose with some of your favorite celebrities. It is a quick experience, but we still enjoyed ourselves.

Lessons learned from the trip- This is an I told you so moment. We tried to warn our daughter about all of the walking that Vegas entails. She did not believe us until she woke up with sore feet on day 2. Unless you plan on renting a car or paying $10 each time you want to go up and down the street you are going to put your feet to work and triple your daily steps.

We also warned her that unlike a beach vacation you will only need a few days in Vegas. Well the kiddo soon realized that as well. At the end of the trip she said she had a great time, but would have been perfectly content with 2 nights and 3 days. We tried to tell you kid.

Our final lesson was how much the pandemic has changed Vegas life. Do not think you will walk in a restaurant or venue and be able to be served immediately. Reservations are required in most places and without them you can plan on a very long wait.

Overall it was a great trip. We appreciate Delta for the great service and leaving the middle seat open. The Cosmopolitan is a great hotel, but in the future I would probably stay in a central location on the strip. The Cosmopolitan was not as close to some of the attractions as we would have liked. We are thankful we had the opportunity to have this time away and we look forward to our next safe and fun getaway.

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