Mr Paul’s Supper Club is open and ready for your business

Welcome to the world of Supper Clubs. Mr Paul’s Supper Club opened just a few months ago in Edina, MN and it is quickly climbing the popularity chart. I can see why.

The supper club is full of beautiful greenery, bright decor and open windows that will hopefully lead the way to outdoor entertainment in the warmer months.

The food was impeccable. Let’s talk about what we ate. Most appetizers including the salads are big enough to share with another person. Our supper club wedge salad split in half was a full half of a head of lettuce. The oysters were full of garlic buttery goodness. The sweet potato purée was the perfect match to the short rib stroganoff and the lobster gnocchi was overflowing with sweet and tender lobster. Everything was prepared fresh and no additional seasonings needed to be added. Without a doubt I would recommend all of these dishes to newcomers of the supper club, but only if they are going to wash the flavors down with a chocolate martini.

Not only was the food good, but the staff and their service was amazing! I appreciate Emma and Rachel checking in and offering us a tour of the full restaurant which includes an area for events and that serves po’boys during the day. The po’boys are calling my name and I plan on answering that call soon. A good po’boy will be the test to see just how much New Orleans soul this place is filled with.

Until next time ….

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