Staycation ideas in Minneapolis

My girlfriends and I spent a weekend away from home exploring some Minneapolis gems. Keep reading to see how we spent our day.

We booked a spa party package at Lontis Spa in Minneapolis on Lasalle. The process of getting things reserved and making sure there would be an esthetician for everyone to get the services they wanted was time-consuming, but the experience did prove to be relaxing.

While there we received treatments from several different staff. The first was SJ. They completed two facials for our group. They made sure to ask questions to see what we were looking for from the service and overall experience. For me, the most relaxing part of the facial came from the shoulder, arm, and hand massage. The room was next to the changing area so people could be heard talking loudly during the service.

Tamesha did a great job on the other two facials. She was a little talkative which some people love and others may not, but she did great at explaining what she was doing and providing suggestions. The guests were happy she was able to remove their stubborn blackheads.

Ashley was one of the people who completed a foot massage. She did a decent job, but when more pressure was asked to be used it was not applied. The overall massage was somewhat relaxing but was too light and did not achieve the desired effect.

Lindsay and Phet completed the other foot massages and both did an amazing job.

The biggest issue with the foot massages is that they were not in private rooms. They were across from the waiting room while other guests were getting pedicures in the same area. The area was too open and loud to be fully relaxed.

Amanda completed a body massage and her hands were exactly what was needed. She applied the perfect amount of pressure and had her guest ready for bed.

All the guests from the spa party received a gift bag which was a bonus to the services.

Overall the experience was nice. The space was fairly small with not enough separation between areas. The company plans to move to a new space and hopefully, it will be bigger and provide a more intimate experience.

After the spa we went to Hell’s Kitchen for brunch. It has been years since I stepped into Hell’s Kitchen, but they were still as good as I remembered them to be. The table favorites were The Hell’s Chicken Sandwich and the PB&J Skillet Cookie Sundae.

We ordered the following

Traditional waffle

Walleye Hash and Eggs

Huevos Rancheros

The Hells Chicken Sandwich *add a side of ranch and pickles to bring it up a notch

PB&J Skillet Cookie Sundae

We all had our first carriage ride that afternoon. The Hitching Company offers carriage rides throughout Minneapolis. We opted for a sixty-minute ride for the four of us. Before starting we spent some time meeting and finding out more about our horse Marble and guide Mo.

We picked the perfect Saturday to do so. It was not too hot or cold. The ride was relaxing and offered views that you do not notice while speeding by in a car. I would love to try this again at sunset.

We ended our evening having dinner at Umbra which is conveniently located inside Canopy Hotel. Our server was Ali. She was a great server that was able to handle the busy evening and she knew the menu well. I love a server who knows the menu and can provide the best options for me to choose from.

A person had a nut allergy and she was great about checking with the Chef on what menu items were fine to eat. She left the person feeling confident about her menu selections and dining experience.

Ali had excellent recommendations. At her suggestion two of us tried the Beef Rossini which needed a little flavor added, but it was tender and juicy. The accompanying sides of colorful vegetables were fresh and filling. The other two ladies chose the Lobster which came on a bed of flavorful risotto.

The entrees are accompanied by soup or salad and bread. We were stuffed after finishing our meal and headed to our room for a night of games and fun.

We had our overnight stay at Canopy Hotel by Hilton. I still have a strong preference for Hilton brand hotels and I have always wanted to stay at Canopy due to the unusual structure and convenient location. The inside structure looks like an updated apartment building with spacious rooms and tall ceilings while the outside looks like an old office building. There is plenty of space on the lobby level to hang out and talk or relax. They have bikes and carts available for guests as well. There is a grocery store, entertainment and great views all within walking distance.

Our much needed staycation was a success and we appreciate the various companies for adding to our great weekend.

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