Family Fun in Duluth

You and your family are invited to an advance screening of DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS on Saturday, July 23 at Showplace ICON. The movie starts at 11:00 AM, but join us early for pre-screening crafts, giveaways and a photobooth at 10:00 AM! To download your tickets, click on the link below (while supplies last). Seating is based on first come, first served. Be sure to arrive early! DC LEAGUE OF SUPER-PETS is in theaters July 29!

Visit Duluth for a weekend getaway

Are you looking for some great views outside of the city? Lake Superior is stunning and one of the best lakes that Minnesota has to offer. If swimming or fishing is not for you, the waters of the north shore still have much to offer. You can explore the trails in Duluth and the surrounding areas and find a hidden gem every time.

Kingsbury Creek Trailhead is a great place for views, hiking, and biking. You can conveniently park at the Duluth Zoo and walk or ride to the trail nearby. While there, we explored the trails and stepped off the beaten path to catch views from the rocks where the creek flows. There are several areas where the water is shallow enough to walk through the creek. The trail is beginner-friendly and can be completed with family members of all ages. We enjoyed the peacefulness and scenic views.

The Duluth Lakewalk is a popular attraction when visiting the Canal Park area. The 7-mile walk shows you the best views of Duluth, including parks, gardens, bridges, and several shops. We chose to walk in the area near the pier to be able to view the lighthouse and aerial life bridge. There are several scooters along the path that are available for rent, and many people rent multi-person bikes. You’ll be able to find vendors selling ice cream, popcorn, and meals along your way, making this the perfect way to spend a warm summer day.

Along the north shore and just 50 minutes from Duluth, you will find Iona’s Beach. This is probably not like any beach you have seen before. The beach is filled with pink rocks of all sizes and shapes instead of traditional sand. The pink rocks formed from fallen pieces of a nearby rhyolite cliff. The beach is somewhat hidden. When you park, you will need to keep walking. Don’t stop at first sight of a beach. Keep following the trail until you find the large open space. Trust us, you will know when you have found it. We weren’t brave enough to fully submerge into the freezing cold water, but we enjoyed the crystal clear view of Lake Superior and the smooth rocks that have formed over time.

Love Creamery is an Ice Cream Shop that is a local favorite. There are two locations in Duluth. They offer traditional ice cream as well as vegan and gluten-free options. With the menu for each location offering different flavors. Once you have sampled some flavors if you decide to get multiple flavors and do not know how to arrange the scoops follow the staff advice and get your favorite flavor on the bottom. Out of all the flavors we tried our group enjoyed the Turmeric Honeycomb flavor the most. Don’t forget to get the waffle comb for an added bonus.

Caddyshack is a hidden gem in Duluth. It’s a small bar that offers more than what meets the eye. They have a full menu starting at 2 pm, but you can get pizza before that. You and a group can rent a private area to enjoy an hour or more of virtual golf. During the experience, you are hitting real golf balls using golf clubs into an impact-resistant screen while trying to continue to advance to new levels. It’s harder than you think. You can have food and drinks in the private area. There is also a jukebox to listen to classic tunes. If you want more traditional games you can find pool, pull tabs, darts, and other games inside of the regular bar area.

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