Spend the weekend in Shakopee

If you have a few hours and you looking for things to do for a date you can spend some time trying local brews at Shakopee Brewhall.

This Brewhall is a great place to spend a sunny Saturday Afternoon. Head inside to the bar and order a few craft beers for yourself and your date to enjoy out on the patio in Shakopee’s Historic Downtown area. You can let the bartender know what type of beer you like and they will help you find the perfect match. Grab a growler to go to enjoy later in the evening or on a different day. Do your good deed for the day and pay it forward by purchasing a drink for a future customer. We love their pay it forward wall.

Now that you have had a relaxing afternoon on the patio it is time to head over to Mystic Lake Casino to spend a little time playing slots or other games of your choice. This is a large casino with tons of options. If you are like me you don’t want to lose too much so you can throw a few dollars in the machine and play until it’s gone or you have won. There are several options for food while in the casino, but save room for some great BBQ during the weekend of The Great Midwest Ribfest if you go during the once a year sunmer festival.

Even if you do not like to bet on horse racing, you can appreciate watching the beautiful horses and their talented riders who race them across the finish line. The Sunday at 1 pm race time makes for a perfect afternoon date. You can watch as many or as few races as you would like. Upon entering, you will be given a booklet with all the race info, including horse details and odds. Use this information when choosing a horse to bet on. We always opt for outdoor seating next to the winners circle to get a good view of the races and the horses as they returned from running.

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