Get Your Tickets to Audrey Saves the World

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Children’s Theatre Company’s Epically Comical Virtual World Premiere of Audrey Saves the Universe
Running May 7 through 28, 2021

Children’s Theatre Company (CTC) is proud to announce the virtual world premiere of Audrey Saves the Universe, a hilarious, seven-episode original mini-series created by Autumn Ness and directed by Reed Sigmund. CTC Acting Company members, Ness and Sigmund created, wrote, filmed, and produced this bingeable show at their own home. From epic chemical explosions to jumping off their roof, Ness and Sigmund, along with their two children and dog, take audiences into the chaotic imagination of a child with big dreams. This is the second play Ness has written to be debuted by CTC (Ness also wrote the previously announced Babble Lab, which was postponed from the 2020 – 2021 Season due to the pandemic-forced closure).

Audrey is a nine-year-old girl…who happens to be the greatest filmmaker in the world! Possessed by her ambitions and high standards, Audrey is egocentric, demanding, and hilariously extreme. Part Ed Wood, part classic Gilda Radner character, Judy Miller, Audrey creates whole planets, grand stories, music, and special effects…with no budget and no crew. As Audrey shoots her masterpiece, she struggles with school bullies and constant creative setbacks (like getting grounded!). As she stages the climactic final battle, she uncovers the superpowers she holds within her.

“I’m so excited for people to see Audrey Saves the Universe, especially since it was an idea 12 years in the making!” states Playwright Autumn Ness. “I love this character. She’s this mighty steamroller of discovery, and while everyone around her sees creativity and artistry as a cute little hobby, she sees the value and absolute necessity of imagination and invention. I hope everyone who watches it gets so super hyped up that they sing a power jam, go make a weird painting, and dance until their feet fall off.”

Audrey Saves the Universe runs May 7-28, 2021 and is best for all ages. The series is seven episodes long running a total of 90 minutes. All seven episodes are released to the customer on the date of purchase. Tickets are pay what you will, starting at $15. Tickets and more information can be found at

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