Here’s why we still are not ready for fancy dinners…..

It took us over six months to work up the courage to go out for dinner in a restaurant. Six months! I know this may seem over the top to some, but we all have different levels of comfort. With the threat of Covid looming it just did not seem worth it to us. However,Continue reading “Here’s why we still are not ready for fancy dinners…..”

Bachman’s Harvest Ideas Self-Guided Tour

If you are like me you picked up a new hobby or two since Shelter-in-place orders started in March. One of my new hobbies is being a plant mama. For someone who has always thought they had a black thumb I must admit I am impressed with how well my plants are doing. After myContinue reading “Bachman’s Harvest Ideas Self-Guided Tour”

Black Businesses in Minnesota

Food and Beverage African Deli Afro Deli Amos & Amos BBQ Angelea’s Soul Food Kitchen BadWingz- Minneapolis Breakfast Bar- Minneapolis Breaking Bread – Minneapolis Bole Ethiopian Cuisine- St Paul Butter Cookies for Days- Find at Hyvee in Robbinsdale Cajun Life- St Paul Capitol Cafe Cave Café Mobile Food Truck Chelle’s Kitchen Chopped and Served CHXContinue reading “Black Businesses in Minnesota”

Let us introduce you to Push Strategist

What is your business and where is it located?       Push Strategist LLC is a consulting firm located in Minneapolis, MN. With covid limitations we can support you virtually at this time or with safe methods in person.    What made you start your business?     I discovered who I am, what my purpose was. You have to develop thatContinue reading “Let us introduce you to Push Strategist”

Lamina Aesthetics Review

 I had the pleasure of meeting Tisha last year when she worked for a different company. She has now branched out and started her own company, Lamina Aesthetics. Lamina Aesthetics is open in Minnetonka, MN. It is a beautiful space filled with relaxing décor, a fireplace and music. This along with Tisha’s calm demeanor makeContinue reading “Lamina Aesthetics Review”

Move over peanut butter. There is a new nut butter in town.

With flavors like Sundried Basil, Turmeric Maple, and Truffle Herb you would be sure you are trying some form of dip or hummus. Nope. Those are the flavors of a nut butter. The company who produces these savory flavors is Humble Nut Butter. Humble Nut Butter is a local business bringing you a vegan treatContinue reading “Move over peanut butter. There is a new nut butter in town.”

Business Spotlight- Giving It A Voice

We know people have been wondering, What is “Giving It A Voice”? We want to be careful not to limit how we serve by using a bunch of titles. Instead, we would like to share with you the background and vision. We believe the things we go through in life, the things we struggle with,Continue reading “Business Spotlight- Giving It A Voice”